Customization Of Aluminum Extrusion To Your Specification

Centered in the city of aluminum extrusion manufacturing , we take its advantages and engage in supplying of CNC machined aluminum extrusion , to match up with your product assembly precisely.

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solution of customization

As a professional supplier of machined aluminum profile , we are capable of getting into various industries and providing  solutions to your product customization.

Have a design ready to go? Just talk with us.

we make Aluminum Extrusion of quality

Your perfect product ideas will work under the perfect quality of our aluminum profile manufacturing. From tooling developing to aluminum extrusion,  we make each steps be customized according to your  specific requirements. Our  philosophy is never let it drag your attentions away from marketing and sale. Learn more about it , or contact us to find a solution.

01. extrusion tooling

Extrusion tooling performs according to technical drawing, and we will make and maintain the toolings in 100% funtionalized for aluminum extrusion. More importantly , the stable performance of the tooling will be the guarantee of quick production and in-time delivery to our client.

02. Aluminum profile

As ISO certified supplier, our capacity and experiences would promise the aluminum profile be under strict quality control. Hardness, flatness, twisting of the basic material will be within the specification and meet internationl quality standard.

03. Surface treatment

The finish of  aluminum extrusion improves its wearable resistance, corrosion ressitance, at the same time enhance its ornament. Our anodizing layer could be up to 25-30 microns, and our powder coating and PVDF coating layer will also reach 40-100 um.

Optional Aluminum Alloy to fit your industry

We have successfully adopted over 30 alloys from 1000 series to 7000 series to fulfill different demands of different industries.All is possible to us if you describe clearly your needs, or tell us what you concern mostly, we could always find you a most suitable material solution.

CNC machining to keep aluminum extrusion parts precise to your assembly.

 The combination of industrial experiences in aluminum extruison and technologies of our man and CNC machining equipment enable us to provide turnkey solutions and effecitive services. The value-added machining of aluminum extrusion is leading us to more and more industries. 

Customization of machined aluminum extrusion , made precisely in Aluphant

With specialized workshops for tooling, extruding and finishing,advanced CNC machining and experienced workers, we are able to provide customized aluminum extrusion of top quality to our clients in different industries.