Manufacturer of CNC-Machined aluminum extrusion parts.

Aluphant supplies custom aluminum extrusion parts and components for your manufacturing business.

Customization of aluminum extrusion to your specification.

Wide range of industrial application

From design to fulfillment,  Aluphant has been serving different industries for aluminum parts manufacturing. Our experiences in aluminum extrusion and methods of processing enable us to bring turnkey solutions to the manufacturing of aluminum parts.

Power supply

This industry calls for stable quality of aluminum heatsink to perform in 100% function for the power supply equipment. We are good at producing aluminum extrusion with a large size for heatsink machining.


The High strength of aluminum extrusion is called for in the industry, to ensure safety, maintainability, and usability in the high-rise construction or road embedded parts.


Our expertise and capability in aluminum extrusion enable us to produce customized parts for different types of vehicles. Alloys including 6061/6063/6082/6060 are available.


With aluminum extrusion, the lighting manufacturer could create unique designs with their best ideas. We help provide the bending material for your lighting.

Eletronic Device

The combination of aluminum extrusion and CNC machining could produce outstanding parts and components in the electronics assembly. We provide various options for finishing.

Display Screen

The assembly of the LED display screen would require a very well machined frame and its parts made from aluminum extrusion. You can easily get a feasible solution from us.

Solutions of making from aluminum extrusion

Engaging in aluminum extrusion parts manufacturing for over 15 years, we are dedicated to providing the full range of solutions to meet your specification. From aluminum extrusion to parts machining and assembling, we are capable of serving different industries with outstanding quality.

CNC machining

Wanna develop aluminum parts with high accuracy for your assembly? Our men and machines could help. Equipped with advanced 3-5 axis CNC machines, Aluphant could provide the aluminum parts precisely machined to your manufacturing.

Aluminum Extrusion of quality

Aluphant focuses on aluminum extrusion machining, at the same time stays close to your quality of manufacturing. We make every step be customized to your specific demands, in order to reach excellent results for your parts manufacturing. 

Raw Material

Optional alloys are available to produce aluminum extrusion for various industrial applications, which is promised to meet international standards.

extrusion press

We could find you the right type of aluminum extrusion press, which is fitting to your part dimension.

aluminum extrusion

The quality of aluminum extrusion will be double-checked before CNC machining, warehousing, and shipping.

Aluminum Alloy To Fit Your Industry

Aluphant provides over 20 aluminum alloys from 1000 series to 7000 series to fulfill different demands of different industries. Learn more about the alloy and find the most suitable one for your application.

Optional finish to your parts manufacturing

Aluphant provides optional surface treatments to aluminum parts manufacturing. With rich experiences and expertise, you can always get good results from us.


To form a compact oxidation film on the surface of the parts to enhance its wear resistance, corrosion resistance, at the same time improve its ornaments.

Powder coating

To adds protective layers to the surface of the part in order to improve its durability and ornament.

Your partner of manufacturing

As a professional supplier of  CNC-machined aluminum parts, we provide full services and solutions for aluminum parts development and manufacturing. 

Customization services

We make all parts from aluminum extrusion and make them customized to your specific requirements in every respect.

Expertise and experiences

We engage in aluminum extrusion machining for over 15 years with the know-how to your parts design and manufacturing.

Effective supply Chain

From material to processing, we could coordinate all resources seamlessly matching up to your parts manufacturing plan.

Hassle-free quality

Strict quality inspection flow enables quality issues to never drag your attention away from marketing and sale.

Aluphant's latest blog posts

The blog shares information on the marketing and supply of aluminum extrusion parts from the perspective of a Chinese supplier. We aspire to have your comments and will be glad to answer any of your questions about parts manufacturing.

machined aluminum extrusion parts, made precisely From Aluphant

Wanna make your parts from aluminum extrusion? You can count on our expertise and experiences to get a professional solution.