Custom Aluminum Extrusion and Machining Parts to your specification

From initial prototyping to full-scale volume production, we deliver precision aluminum machining parts tailored to your exact specifications.

Evaluating the design of aluminum part design

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Aluminum Parts OEM Done Right- Start Benefiting Today

1. Flexible MOQ

Benefit from our flexible MOQ, accommodating orders from 1 to 1000 pieces.

2. on-time Delivery

24/7 facility operation ensures on-time delivery of aluminum parts.

3. High Quality

100% quality inspection from start to finish ensures precision aluminum parts.


4. Moderate price

As an aluminum parts manufacturer, we are committed to providing the best quality at a reasonable price.

5. expertise

With over 18 years of industry experience, we possess the complete know-how in aluminum extrusion and CNC machining to serve our clients.

6.alloy and finish

We offer a wide range of alloy grades and customized surface treatments to meet all your requirements.

All Your Custom Aluminum Parts in one place

full Design evaluation

Gain comprehensive insights into design feasibility before development.

accurate cost estimation

Get accurate quotes on aluminum extrusion costs and tooling investments.

High criteria material

Enhance your custom aluminum part design for better performance

Capability: Aluminum extrusion

Aluminum Extrusion Enhances Your Part Design with True Fulfillment

aluminum extrusion press

Capability: Aluminum CNC Machining

Aluminum parts made with precision CNC machining for your final product

aluminum machining
Aluminum Parts

Looking to create unique aluminum parts for your products? Save time and send us your part file now. We’ll handle everything from design feasibility to mass production.

order your aluminum parts in simple steps

Evaluating the design of aluminum part design

Step 1: Confirm design and receive quote (1-2 days)

We carefully evaluate your custom aluminum part to provide an accurate quote with a detailed cost breakdown. Good service is essential for a successful order.

Step 2. Develop Extrusion Dies (10-30 days)

The customer pays for the extrusion die upfront, and we begin tooling. After completion, we conduct trial extrusions to ensure accuracy.

aluminum extrusion die
aluminum extrusion

Step 3. samples and extrusion production (7-10 days)

Samples are produced within 3 days after extrusion die completion. Bulk production begins upon receiving the client deposit.

Step 4. CNC machining the aluminum extrusion

We provide CNC machining to create precise aluminum parts from extrusions, ensuring a perfect fit with your end products.

aluminum extrusion machining
aluminum part packing

Step 5. Pack and load (1 days)

We offer various shipping options: air shipping, which is fast (7-10 days) but expensive, and sea shipping, which is economical but takes 20-30 days. Custom crates are provided to protect your parts during transportation.

want to know more specific details?

nO hidden cost to your aluminum part

1.The tooling cost

Tooling costs, including extrusion dies, CNC machining fixtures, and stamping tools (if applicable), are included in the price of each custom aluminum part. We will provide a detailed quote specifying all tooling costs.

2.Material cost

Custom aluminum parts have two main cost components: raw material and extrusion profile. Raw material costs are updated daily and publicly available. Extrusion profile costs depend on the part’s dimensions and design.

3.CNC machining cost

Custom aluminum part costs vary based on the required CNC machining method and should be evaluated individually.

4.Other processing cost

We use various processing methods for custom aluminum parts, including stamping, welding, bending, and cutting. The costs for these methods will be clearly specified in your quote.

5.cost of Packing & shipping

We protect aluminum parts during transportation with EPE foam and custom-sized wooden crates. Custom crates incur additional costs. Shipping costs vary depending on the specifics.

applications of aluminum parts

Power supply equipment

Auto&Vehicle components

Charging Pile enclosure

Aluphant in Stats

5 Millions +

Parts made

200 +

Clients Served

35 +


20 +

Aluminum Alloy

custom aluminum parts

Need an aluminum parts expert? Look no further.

Enjoy our custom manufacturing solutions, including aluminum extrusion and CNC machining, for your prototyping and production needs.

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