Aluminum Machining Services: Precision CNC for OEM Needs with 18 Years of Expert

We provide aluminum extrusion and CNC-machining services to cover you up from prototyping to volumn production.

Our Aluminum Machining solutions for you

aluminum profile extrusion

aluminum profile machining

We provide custom aluminum extrusion and CNC machining services to help you create high-performance aluminum parts that are tailored to your needs.

aluminum blocks machining

We evaluate your parts file and machine it directly from aluminum blocks, using specified alloy blocks for precision machining tailored to your industrial needs.

Vacuum Chuck for Aluminum Plate Machining

aluminum sheets machining

We purchase aluminum sheets in various alloys to create your custom parts using our advanced CNC center, capable of milling any sheet size.

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capabilities of aluminum machining parts

Looking for real fulfillment to your ongoing projects? No matter what types of custom aluminum parts that made from aluminum extrusion/aluminum blocks/aluminum sheets, Aluphant is a trusted partner to support you with full range of manufacturing solutions. 

Ordering the aluminum Machining parts from us

Ordering custom aluminum parts can be complex and time-consuming. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, it can be confusing. Here are some simple steps to help you order OEM aluminum extrusion parts.

Evaluating the design of aluminum part design

Step 1: Confirm design and quote (2 days)

We evaluate your custom aluminum part carefully to provide an accurate quote with a detailed breakdown of all costs. We believe good service is essential for a successful order.

Step 2. Develop Extrusion Dies (10-30 days)

The customer pays for the extrusion die in full, and we start making the tooling. Once it’s complete, we perform trial extrusions to ensure accuracy.

aluminum extrusion die
Aluminum extrusion

Step 3. samples and extrusion production (7-10 days)

Samples will be produced within 3 days of extrusion die completion. Bulk production starts upon receipt of client deposits.

Step 4. CNC machining the aluminum extrusion (10 days)

We offer CNC machining service (if applicable) to create precise aluminum parts from the extrusion, ensuring they fit perfectly with your end products.

aluminum machining
aluminum parts loading

Step 5. Pack and load (1days)

We offer different shipping options: air shipping is fast but expensive, taking only 7-10 days max, while sea shipping is more economical but takes 20-30 days. We also provide custom crates to protect your parts during transportation.

want to know more specific details?

Estimated cost breakdown of your aluminum parts

1.The tooling cost

Tooling costs, such as extrusion die, CNC-machining fixtures, and stamping tool cost (if applicable), are included in the cost of each custom aluminum part. We will provide a quote with all tooling costs specified for your reference.

2.Material cost

Custom aluminum parts mainly consist of two cost components: raw material cost and extrusion profile cost. The raw material cost is updated daily and can be checked publicly. The extrusion profile cost is determined by the dimension and design of the parts.

3.CNC machining cost

Costs for custom aluminum parts may vary based on the CNC machining method required, and should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

4.Other processing cost

We may use various processing methods for custom aluminum parts, such as stamping, welding, bending, and cutting. The costs for these methods will be clearly specified in the quote for your information.

5.cost of Packing & shipping

We protect the aluminum parts during transportation by packing them with EPE foam and using wooden crates tailored to their size. Custom crates will cost extra. Shipping cost varies and depends on the case.



When ordering aluminum parts from China, whether new or existing, it’s important to consider a few things. While there are many great manufacturers available, some offer low-quality parts that should be avoided. To ensure you’re getting the right parts and not being cheated by fake sellers, take necessary steps.

Protect your aluminum parts design from competitors by requesting your supplier to sign an NDA before sharing the parts file.

Get a material certification to ensure that the aluminum alloy used meets international standards and your parts design specifications.

The quality report guarantees that the aluminum parts meet high standards and stability. It includes dimensional and testing reports such as 3D scanning.

Finding a reliable supplier may take longer than expected. It’s important to visit the supplier on-site to learn about their capabilities and reputation.

CNC machining aluminum
Aluminum extrusion
CNC Machining Fixture
aluminum extrusion line
machining the aluminum extrusion

Choose a reliable supplier for your aluminum parts to ensure your end-product runs smoothly and gains market recognition, leading to economic success. Look for a supplier who offers reliable equipment, timely after-sales service, solutions to production problems, and advice and support for market development.

applications of aluminum parts

Power supply equipment

Auto&Vehicle components

Charging Pile enclosure

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Aluminum Alloy

custom aluminum parts

Need an Expert of aluminum parts? Go no further.

You can enjoy the custom manufacturing solutions from us, including Aluminum Extrusion and CNC Machining services to support your aluminum parts prototyping and production.

Why choose our products and services?

1. Flexible MOQ

Enjoy our flexibility of MOQ to support any size of your order, no matter it is 1 PCS, or 1000 PCS.

2. on-time Delivery

24/7 operation of the facility, 3-shift production to ensure that we won’t deliver the aluminum parts late.

3. Quality of high criteria

100 % inspection quality from start to finish, we conduct the strict procedure to hand over aluminum parts of precision.

4. Moderate price

As a manufacturer of aluminum parts, we are determined to offer our customers best quality at reasonable price.

5. expertise

Over-15-years industry experience brings us the complete know-how of aluminum extrusion and CNC machinning to serve any of our client.

6.alloy and finish

We bring extensive alloy grades along with the customized surface treatment to meet any of your requirements.

Custom aluminum parts made precisely From Aluphant

If you are looking for a reliable aluminum CNC machining company with the latest machine tools, robust production capabilities and high quality standards, then you have come to the right place.