expert and partner of your manufacturing business.

Make all parts precisely from aluminum extrusion.

Expert in aluminum Part manufacturing

Aluphant provides expertise and experience in aluminum extrusion and CNC machining to meet specific demands from different industries. Having combined our advanced equipment and our expert team, we are on a mission to effectively supply aluminum parts to your manufacturing business.

Our manufacturing capability

With flexible production capability, we are capable of supporting your business in all ways.

Aluminum extrusion

To produce base material of top quality for your parts machining.

CNC machining

Equipped with CNC Machines of 3-5 axis to produce aluminum parts precisely within specifications.

Parts surface treatment

Surface treatment is available to aluminum parts, including anodizing and powder coating.

High-Quality Production

We set up strict QC routines to guarantee your parts will be made within specifications. The high criteria of procurement for different materials enable us to keep all parts that we produced with top quality.

Elaborate project management

From materials production to parts fabrication, we handle everything effectively and seamlessly to match up with your plan. Our man in different positions will implement the manufacturing plan for in-time delivery.

What's behind the aluphant team?

Professional QC

Our QC team will check all aluminum parts from dimension to properties to make sure that all are within the specification. The strict QC routine has been set up when the parts are under extrusion, machining, and packing.

Reliable technicians

When you are working with Aluphant,  our engineers and technicians will provide their expertise for your parts design and manufacturing, to get straight to perfect results.

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Logistics Service

We handle everything even when the goods are just a mile away from you. The strong relationship between the shipping agent and us would always bring conveniences to the business. We always react quickly to your mass production, as well as the samples.

Why should you work with aluphant

Optimized solution

No matter it is the new design or an existing design, the Aluphant team would always seek optimized solutions to your parts manufacturing, aiming at higher profits and better turnover.

sound supply chain

We supply high-quality machined aluminum extrusion parts to fit your production plan in time. Moreover,  we could coordinate all related resources to make the production process easy and seamless for your project.

Unparalleled partnership

Aluphant fully devotes its know-how in the aluminum profile and CNC machining industry to your products and cares about the project you are working on. Our goal is to help you boost up the business by the outstanding performance of your products.

A partner that scales with you

When you partner with us, you can always get our quick and flexible production capacity. We provide professional feedback on parts design with optimized solutions, which aims at cost reduction and margin expanding on your manufacturing.

Ready to see what is possible?