Meet Aluphant

We are your manufacturing partner, equipped with rich experiences in aluminum extrusion and CNC machining.

Proficient aluminum parts manufacturer

Involved in the aluminum extrusion industry for nearly 2 decades, Alupahnt has gained expertise and experience in aluminum parts manufacturing. With the combination of our advanced equipment and our team of elites, we are on a mission to produce and supply aluminum parts of quality to the manufacturing business around the globe.

What we are doing?

Aluphant’s current mission is to help clients effectively produce customized parts made from aluminum material. We are capable of aluminum extrusion, CNC-machining, and surface treatment.

machining the aluminum extrusion
aluminum extrusion line

What we are aspiring to

Connected with affluent resources in the aluminum extrusion industry, the Aluphant team is aspiring to build up a practical supply chain with shortened feedback and faster fulfillment on the production and supply of aluminum parts.

unlimited support from aluphant

confirming drawing of aluminum extrusion

Reliable technicians

Aluphant focuses on aluminum parts manufacturing and runs directly to the perfect results. Along with seeking a quick fix to your existing parts, we also stick to further optimization and improvement.

Seamless Quality Control Process

We have a seamless quality control process that takes care of everything—production standards, material requirements, and more.

inspect the dimension of aluminum profile
Aluminum CNC Machining Facility

Elaborate Project Management

We provide an elaborate production management service to help you meet deadlines and avoid mistakes with our aluminum production services, optimize your projects with on time delivery, minimizing costs.

Fulfillment with manufacturing benefits

Get focused on

Send us the part file to get a quick quote and evaluation, and we will handle the rest. We build up criteria and plans for the parts manufacturing so you can focus on sales and markets.

Quality improvement never ends

The optimization of aluminum parts is critical to your manufacturing. As experts in aluminum parts manufacturing, we keep quality be consistent and keep it be improved all the time. 

unlimited reliable resources

When multiple manufacturing solutions are required, we stand out and bring you access to quick fixes with all reliable resources in the aluminum extrusion industry. Nothing can’t be done!

Efficient supply

We operate each of your orders effectively and run them seamlessly to match up with your project plan. With parts stock prepared in advance, you can always get to the markets faster.

A partner that scales with you

Whenever you need 1 prototyping sample or are making 1000 parts, just partner with us and enjoy our quick and flexible production capacity.

Ready to see what is possible?