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Aluminum and your manufacturing

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Seeking improvement for your parts manufacturing?

A professional supplier will always help optimize your parts manufacturing for cost-saving and support you all the way for the business.

Wanna make new parts from aluminum extrusion,but get constrained by the design? The Parts Design Guidance would be helpful!

We provide professional Guidance on design feasibility and modification,  with rich experiences in various solutions to fulfill your expectation.

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    get improvement for the quality

    Describe your problems clearly or tell us what is your expectation and see how we will make it . Your attentions should not be dragged away  any more, Aluphant always supplies with hassle-free quality.

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      Yes, Your design is feasible

      No longer get constrained at the design phase , just talk with the Aluphant team to get feedback on feasibility and suggestions on modification, saving your time and facilitating your works

      * If you have part file ready , pls upload it.