custom the aluminum Parts in 6 steps

aluminum extrusion

Aluminum is one of the most versatile and lightweight materials in the world. It is ideal for aviation, construction, transportation, and other industries. With various uses and benefits, you must know how to customize your aluminum extrusion parts. 

To learn how to custom aluminum extrusion parts for your industrial application, follow these six steps in the manufacturing process.

1. Evaluate the Aluminum part design

To create the perfect aluminum parts design, engineers or designers in your company need to consider both the functionality and feasibility of the initial setup. But most don’t have the specialized knowledge to evaluate the initial design fully.

As a result, the design is far from perfect, and you can not see what cost is needed from the ground-up to fulfillment.

Stop wasting your time and money. Just go to an expert with complete know-how in aluminum extrusion material and manufacturing process to get help for professional evaluations. 

What mainly be evaluated in the aluminum parts drawing?

The experienced supplier of aluminum parts will determine the methods of post-processing for the parts manufacturing, and if sometimes you don’t have the CAD drawing for the extrusion cross-section of the features, he will make the new drawing which is based on the original one but with additional thickness added to the original design for post-processing.

2. Develop extrusion toolings

To custom the aluminum parts, extrusion tooling is required to produce the material of extruded aluminum profile.

Professional aluminum extrusion parts manufacturers would make it the most cost-effective way to create custom toolings that could stand the most complicated extrusion process.

aluminum extrusion die

Duration Time

It will take about 15 days or over a month to develop the custom tooling for the production. 

Charges for the tools

Most of the time, the manufacturer will charge for the extrusion toolings, especially for complicated designs and broad sections. We should evaluate charges case by case.

property of the tooling

You will always own the toolings until the manufacturer refunds you the charges. But your design will never go public to your competitors.

3.Produce aluminum Part samples for prototyping test

After the aluminum profile mold is completed, the manufacturer will produce samples for you, so that you can test whether the samples are qualified and suitable for your end products. During the production of samples, you can request the manufacturer to provide some information about the samples, including material testing reports, salt spray testing reports, and dimension reports.

material certificate

As different grades of aluminum alloy have different alloy compositions and mechanical properties, you can request the manufacturer to provide you with a complete material testing report. This way, you can visually understand whether the produced sample meets your usage requirements.

salt spray test

In some industries, the salt spray test is necessary to tell if the finish of the parts– anodizing mostly- could fulfill the specific needs of the project.

dimensional report

Custom aluminum parts requires specific tolerances for its application. The complete dimensional report will help you see the full picture of its performance during the prototyping phase.

4.mass production Of Aluminum extrusion

The manufacturer will conduct effective production management to order the production of aluminum extrusion efficiently to ensure that all workers are in a position to implement the production plan.

aluminum extrusion line

5.Precision machining of aluminum extrusion

By removing the additional material from the custom-made aluminum extrusion, CNC-machining could create perfect parts that fit your specification.

The Machining capability includes milling, turning, and drilling.

CNC machining aluminum

6.Add surface treatments to the custom aluminum parts

The industrial-used aluminum parts require high-end surface treatment to fulfill their application in extreme environments. 

Your aluminum parts will be handled during the surface treatment process when machined.

aluminum anodizing line
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Seeking improvement for your parts manufacturing?

A professional supplier will always help optimize your parts manufacturing for cost-saving and support you all the way for the business.

Wanna make new parts from aluminum extrusion,but get constrained by the design? 

We provide professional Guidance on design feasibility and modification,  with rich experiences in various solutions to fulfill your expectation.

Are you looking for an expert to customize your aluminum parts in premium and consistent quality?

The professional supplier of aluminum parts will have a full evaluation of your parts design and set up quality inspection procedures to enhance the production efficiency.

In cooperation with Aluphant, you will feel the difference in quality control and fast delivery to your volume production.

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