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Seeking improvement for your parts manufacturing?

A professional supplier will always help optimize your parts manufacturing for cost-saving and support you all the way for the business.

Wanna make new parts from aluminum extrusion,but get constrained by the design? 

We provide professional Guidance on design feasibility and modification,  with rich experiences in various solutions to fulfill your expectation.

General Information

Aluphant engages in the  supplying of aluminum extrusion part, it focuses on CNC-machining of aluminum extrusion and always bring precise parts for assembly. 

Aluphant locates in Foshan city , Guangdong province of China, a manufacturing center of aluminum extrusion. You can count on our resources in the city to help on your parts manufacturing.

Aluphant supplies the aluminum extrusion machining part for your application or equipment manufacturing. We help from the design groud-up to fulfillment , including extrusion, machining and finishing, as well as the part assembly.

When you are working with us , all our resources are yours. We could provide professional guidance on parts manufactruring .

You can waste no time with us to get the full range of processing for your parts manufacturing. We could help coordinate all resources to get perfect results.

Needless to worry, we know how to keep it at top quality and surprise you with outstanding performances. Your attention will always be on marketing and sale.


We have been working with clients in the industries including power supply, lighting, auto&vehicle, electronics device,. But no job is too big or too niche for us , as we are able to find access to more and more industries and to provide more unlimited manufacturing capacity.

Pls contact us through our contact page.

service and property

Aluphant will evaluate the manufacturing feasibility of your current design and help  optimize it through the whole processing. We are glad to have  conversation with you about all details and your expectation on the parts, contact us to learn more. 

Yes, we could ship you free sample selected from our stocks to check and confirm quality and finish, also we could present samples for confirming the dimension when a new tooling is made.

Aluphant will sign an NDA( Non-disclosure Agreement) with you before making new tooling for extrusion, and promise that all parts design are the property of the client, which will never be leaked  and used by other competitors.

aluminum extrusion

As a very popular material in the industrial application , aluminum profile or extrusion is characterized by its light-weight, which is only one third of the steel, while it could get similar hardness and strength to the steel.

In addition, aluminum extrusion is with good formability , and that means designers could get any unique shapes by making the parts from this material.  It is also easy to be machined for the assembly. 

Using the aluminum extrusion as material also means that the designers could get very wide options on the finishing. When considering the ornanment of the parts and its lifespan, aluminum extrusion will be strongly preferred.

Its electrical conductivity promise the alunium extrusion become more popular in certain application.The thermal conductivity of aluminum profile enable it become one of the first priority material in the heatsink application.

It is a green material and can be recycled. If you are seeking solutions of  aluminum parts manufactruing, pls contact us.

No mater it is a exsiting or new-launched desIgn, if you decide to make all parts from aluminm extrusion , there are some factores you need take into consideration. See the complete guidance before you start , and hope it is helpful to you. If you have a part file ready to go , just  contact us to get a feasibility feedback. 

Timing of making new extrusion tooling should be evaluated case by case, and varies from 7 days to 30 days.

When you are developing the new parts or looking for new supplier for your existing parts, a new tooling is neccessary for samples and mass production, which also means that you need to pay for the new toolings in advance . But don’t worry as the charges could be returned to your account within one year once your orders reach certain amounts.

It really depends on the dimension of the cross-section and the weight as per meter of the extrusion.But currently we produced extrusion with max width of over 500 mm.

If you have a parts file ready , you could contact us to get a quick feedback or quote.

The quality of aluminum extrusion is very important and our experiences and know-how would be helpful. 

Our QC team would check the quality of surface, to confirm its dimension, and pay much more attention to its plainess. All of these factors will determine how the aluminum parts performed in the coming processing. 

In some cases we produce inspetions tooling which is scale 1:1 as the drawing required to check tolerances.

If you have any quality issues , it is welcomed to discuss with us 

There are alloys varying from 1000 series to 7000 series , each of which is characterized by different properties. Pls see our aluminum alloy page to choose the most suitable one for your parts manufacturing, or contact us to discuss.

Aluminum parts won’t get rusted or get corroded even it is applied in some extreme environments, due to its tendency of forming the anodizing film on the surface.

CNC Machining and other processing

As a professional supplier of aluminum parts , we have our CNC machine in house so that we could provide precise machining to the aluminum extrusion.

Besides, we can subcontract for other processing including bending, welding,laser-cutting,stamping and printing, etc. 

Our goal is to provide one-stop services for your parts manufacturing, and we help find related resources which is reliable and we help control the quality.

Aluphant equips with CNC centers which are capable of machining the aluminum parts at the size of 6500 mm max length and 4500mm max width, 500 mm max height. 

Aluphant provides solutions to your parts manufacturing , which could be made from customed aluminum extrusion, and aluminum solid plate.

If you have your part file ready, pls send us the PDF/CAD version , as well as the 3D version. In this way our technicians could facilitate all works for you.

Aluphant built up QC routine to make sure that every parts under machining is within the specification. It contains the inspections of the aluminum extrusion(Dimension, plainess), Multiple-check during parts machining, surface quality before  packing and loading.

aluminum part finishing

Aluphant provide finish including anodizing, powder/PVDF coating, sandblasting, polishing and brushing to your parts manufacturing. Click here to learn more about the finish.

The thickness of anodizing varies from 5-70 um, and the thickness of powder/PVDF coating should be within 40-100 um(Chinese standard).

If you have any doubts on the finish of your parts, pls contact our experts to get professional guidance.

If you want to anodize your aluminum parts, you can get some tailored colore for it, such as black, silver, red , blue, gold, purple, champagne. And if you wanna do hard anodizing, then there are less colores for selection including champagne and black(Similar). 

If you choose powder coating for your parts , any RAL color could be tailored.

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