How to find the right supplier for aluminum parts manufacturing?

There is no best supplier, but there must be the right supplier for you. When you are seeking a partner for your parts supply, follow the tips here and keep walking on the right path to success. The right supplier will always keep growing up with his kind clients, and you can always benefit from the right supplier.

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Today, the supplier is not just defined as THE SUPPLIER. The supplier should be defined as a partner, who would understand your business and stay close to it. He could help from the ground-up of a part design to the fulfillment of the full chain of the supplying, which is aiming at higher profits and faster turnover. There is no best supplier, but the right supplier for your business. Don’t worry, here are some tips that you could follow when you are engaging in the business grow-up and seeking improvement for your manufacturing business.

In the design phase

You launched a new part design and decided to choose the aluminum extrusion as the material, but you are not clear if the design is feasible and how much will it cost. The right supplier helps at this moment as he knows that the new design might not be successful and should be modified accordingly. Designers and the procurement team would benefit from the patient-enough supplier as he helps facilitate all R&D WORKS

Provide professional guidance.

To define if he is professional enough to help in your design, you can send him your design and see how it will react.

Feedback on the feasibility of design dimension parameters.

A complete aluminum parts design contains an extrusion cross-section where dimension, wall thickness, tolerances are included, aluminum grade, finish, further processing. The right supplier will start evaluating the design’s feasibility once he gets it.

An example, the wall thickness of the parts. This might be the most priority that a supplier might pay attention to. The first step to produce the parts is the produce the extrusion, and if it is not feasible then everything would be stopped. But designers may not familiar with how the extrusion is produced when the design draft came out already. The right supplier knows extrusion at different sizes has a specific requirement on the wall thickness. He would clearly tell you

  • If the current wall thickness is reasonable to your design?
  • If the extruision will be feasible at stable quality with this wall thickness?
  • If it is neccessary to change the wall thickness?
  • If changing the wall thickness is needed, how much will the cost be added?
  • If the wall thcikness change thicker, is there another way to reduce weight to keep the cost?

The right supplier always thinks big pictures and will always try to understand your business better. Helping improve your parts design is not just about the cost, but also the whole supply chain especially when your parts design requires further processing.

Optimization of further processing methods

Further processing required in the design of the part would be another point. The right supplier would always be clear about different methods of further processing, such as machining, stamping, bending, or welding and provide all of their resources to fulfill the requirements. And he will help with the optimization of the further processing.

  • Right supplier would tell if the current design is feasible for further processing
  • Right supplier would adjust and confirm proper methods of further processing to enhance production capacity with stable quality.

Suggest proper modification on the design.

It is better to get the potential supplier involved in the parts design phase. It helps facilitate the design works, also it will help to have a budgets evaluation. There would always be the phases of sampling and testing, and the right supplier would see where the problems are and how to solve them in mass production. And during the design sampling and testing, the right supplier would help optimize all works with the right suggestions for you to make judge and improvement on the design.

Modifications to reduce costs.

Only you know how the aluminum extrusion is produced, you can seek solutions to reduce its weight, then reduce the cost of the parts. The right supplier will help with this goal when he has reviewed your parts designs. He gives suggestions based on real assembling after the sampling and testing, to reach the most suitable outcome for the parts’ design.

We suggest our German client modify the angle from R2 to R4 for feasible machining.

Seeks solutions to boost the delivery.

The right supplier stays close to your manufacturing business and will seamlessly match up with your plan. He knows how to coordinate all necessary resources for the mass production of your parts. During the production, he will set up a plan to optimize the flow of processing for facilitating production. On the other hand, by improving the design he could control the quality to avoid unnecessary time-wasting.

In mass production phase

Choose the right supplier, and grow your business with him together. You would never know what your supplier could do for you until you have the first order for him. It might not be as perfect as you have been expecting, but both of you are walking on the right path to a possible eternity of cooperation. The right supplier, who helps you since the part design phase, would also be helpful during the mass production, especially when you are being headache on the full supply chain for the manufacturing business.

Set up quality standard for your parts.

Quality would be your first concern when you turn to a new supplier. When you are working on the new parts with complicated design with various further processing to the final products, he would stand up and do his work. He tells everything about which is critical to your parts and sets up the QC routine.

Since he helps in the design phase, he also helps when the parts are in mass production. By confirming dimension and tolerance for the assembling, he will understand much better the quality issues and criteria of your parts. That is also why you should introduce the supplier during the parts design phase. Then he will set up the QC routine to avoid possible quality issues at each phase of the production.

Good supplier relies on working flow to avoid the occurring of quality issues, they understand that manpower could make mistakes and the routine would promise each mistake is traceable and be fixed.

  • He know which dimension or tolerance is critical to the quality.
  • He will set up QC routine and standard and ask his man to follow the routine.
  • He checks the quality regularly to make sure everything is under control.

We machined the aluminum plate to make an inspection tool for bending extrusion. The tolerance of angle could be minimized to only 0.05mm in this way.

Provide the right material to your demands.

The material of the aluminum extrusion is what we called the aluminum alloy, varying from 1000 series to 7000 series. If you are not familiar with these grades, it would be difficult to choose the right one for the parts. The aluminum alloy contains pure aluminum and some other metals, which are added to enhance its property. Thus, the right supplier could always be helpful in choosing the most suitable one.

Except for the 6061 and 6063 alloys, most suppliers in China have a very high MOQ of 20 tons for other alloys, such as 6060, 7075, 6082, etc. Here you could find that we provide a flexible MOQ for your part manufacturing, if you are facing similar problems for the MOQ, it is welcome to contact us to discuss the cooperation.

Besides, the right supplier is with expertise in aluminum extrusion production and he knows how to make a new die( A tooling for extrusion) for the extrusion of your design, and to maintain it for stable performance. The die will decide in a way how precise the dimension of the extrusion, how plain the material is for further processing, how good the effect of adding finish to the material. It is really important to the stable quality of the production, and furtherly to the lead time.

Aluminum bar stocks for extrusion.

Share his resources.

Your right supplier will always provide the right capacity of CNC MACHINING to your aluminum extrusion parts. When he confirms that your design is feasible, he can picture what should be done to fulfill your demands. He knows his limitation and will never waste your time.

When you partner with the right supplier, he thinks of the success of your part manufacturing and will coordinate all resources he owns to get it done. In today’s industries, more and more further processing is required in one part design. For aluminum extrusion parts, it takes a few processing steps to make it done. Extrusion and machining are normally required, and some other processing such as stamping, punching, welding, bending are combined. It would be difficult for you to get all resources during a tight schedule, but the right supplier would always find you a suitable and reliable resource.

We are capable of providing various solutions to your parts manufacturing, including extrusion, machining, welding, bending, and stamping. If you are seeking a one-stop solution to your newly launched parts, we are glad to be one of your options. Contact us through the contact page, all our resources are yours.

Grow up with your right supplier.

There is no best supplier, but there must be the right supplier for you. When you are seeking a partner for your parts supply, follow the tips here and keep walking on the right path to success. The right supplier will always keep growing up with his kind clients, and you can always benefit from the right supplier. If you have any doubts, leave your comments here, or contact us directly.

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Koma Su
Koma Su
Hi, I’m Koma Su, the founder of Aluphant. I’ve been engaging in the business of supplying CNC-machined aluminum extrusion for 6 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to aluminum extrusion from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.
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