custom Aluminum Extrusion Parts To Your Industries

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The industres we are serving

Aluminum extrusion heatsink to power supply equipment

Power Supply equipment

Heatsink made from aluminum extrusion is called for to the power supply equipment.

Machined aluminum extrusion parts for EV charging pile

EV Charging Pile enclosure

Aluminum extrusion is one of the best materials to make the shell of EV charging Pile.

Machined aluminum parts for auto and vehicle manufacturing

Auto&Vehicle parts

We help customize the aluminum extrusion parts and components for the auto&vehicle manufacturers.

Aluminum extrusion for lighting manufacturing

Lighting shell&enclosure

The aluminum extrusion could help the lighting manufacturer fulfill their demands from indoor and outdoor projects.

Machining aluminum parts for electronic device

Electronic Device shell

The combination of aluminum extrusion and CNC machining could produce outstanding parts and components in the electronics assembly.

Aluminum extrusion machined and assembled to LED display screen

LED Screen frame

The assembly of the LED display screen would require a very well machined frame and its parts made from aluminum extrusion.

Our philosophy to your industries


Aluphant aims at the optimization of parts design and manufacturing to save time and enhance turn-over for your manufacturing business.


We set up strict QC routines to produce aluminum extrusion parts under high-quality criteria to meet the specification of your industry.


We coordinate all reliable resources to provide integrated solutions including extrusion press, alloys, finish, methods of processing.


Good communication and quick reaction are believed to serve our clients the best way. And our teamwork would always bring extraordinary results.

Reliable manufacturer of machined aluminum parts to fulfill your industrial design

Wanna make your parts from aluminum extrusion? You can count on our experiences and expertise and make your parts more precise to your manufacturing.