Solution of making from aluminum extrusion

Aluphant dedicates to delivering professional solutions of making from aluminum extrusion. We are always your strong back in product development.

End-to-end support to your parts manufacturing

Engaging in aluminum extrusion parts manufacturing for over 15 years, we are dedicated to providing the full range of solutions to meet your specification. From aluminum extrusion to parts machining and assembling, we are capable of serving different industries with outstanding quality.

Customize your design in simple steps

01. design and drawing review

Contact us and send your products design, we will check and confirm if it is feasible for extrusion and machining. An NDA is available to be signed at this step to protect your product property.

02. tooling developing

We develop the toolings according to technical drawings, for extrusion and machining, and confirm all dimensions and tolerances.

03. sample check and confirm

We inspect the mold by trial extrusion to see if the dimensions, tolerances, and flatness of the sample are within the specifications. Free samples could be presented for your inspection at this step.

04. Mass production

At this step, We produce aluminum extrusion for machining. Our man will follow the strict QC procedures to check each piece of the material to confirm its dimension and tolerances are within specification.

05. Machining and processing

At this phase, the aluminum extrusion will be machined and processed. The accessories would be required to assemble with the machined extrusion to see if they would match up with each other.

06. Surface treatment

All machined parts would be prepared for surface treatment as required. The layer thickness of finishing will be checked and all damages on the surface of the machined parts would not be accepted at this step.

Made feasible with Aluphant

We have been working with various manufacturers in different industries in the world to make the parts that matter to their business.

Design feasible

Whenever you are developing a new aluminum part, we will review and confirm its feasibility. Our goal is to help save cost on material and time for further processing, at the same time promising its functionality.

Manufacturing feasible

To your existing or new product design, we are experts in aluminum extrusion and CNC machining to help you optimize performance, consolidate assemblies, and create customized products easily. 

Yes, your design is feasible.

Wanna make your parts from aluminum extrusion? You can count on our experiences and expertise and make your parts more precise to your manufacturing.