CNC machining

We focus on aluminum extrusion machining and guarantee that all your parts will be made precisely within the specification.

General Process Information

  • Max Length: 6500 mm
  • Max Width: 4500 mm 
  • Max Height: 500 mm



  • CNC Machining Fixture
  • Tailored Inspection tooling
  • Vacuum chuck
  • Standard is +/- 0.5 mm 
  • Customed type should be reviewed case by case.
  • 3/4/5-Axis CNC machining with side milling
  • Turning
  • Aluminum extrusion (customed)
  • Aluminum sheet or plate
  • Aluminum solid bar
  • Bending aluminum extrusion

Contact us and send your existing or latest parts design to get free consultation for manufacturing feasibility. We help optimize it across manufacturing processes, including aluminum extrusion, CNC machining, bending, welding, stamping.

CNC Machine

Equipped with 3-5 axis CNC machine to produce all aluminum parts of top quality.

Pneumatic Fixture

Tailored Pneumatic fixture to fit the processing of types of aluminum parts.

Machining Drill

Various types of drills are optional to any specific design of aluminum parts.

Make aluminum parts precisely

From aluminum extrusion manufacturing to part assembling, Aluphant always brings perfect results to your part design. Whether you are seeking improvement for your existing parts or developing a product from the ground up, Our team will always be your strong back using advanced technology and rich experiences. 

Make new part faster to sample test

With CNC machining, you can design and make prototypes faster in days instead of months. The new parts could be assembled for a quick test. This will allow you to launch the new product manufacturing in a record time than others.

Have a part file ready? Contact us to get the sample done.

Hassle-free quality to mass production

No matter it is a new design or an existing one, you can count on our rich experiences in manufacturing and know-how to aluminum material to get a satisfying result. 

full service to your part supply

Besides our self-owned CNC machining capability, we could coordinate all reliable resources to get your parts done. We bring clients access to parts processing, including bending and welding.

Aluminum extrusion bending

All bending aluminum extrusion could be machined at our site and get very tight tolerances for its angle and dimension.

Aluminum extrusion Welding

When welding is required in your design, our team will figure out the most optimized solution to help get it done with perfect results.

Let us make your part today

When you partner with us, all our technologies and sources are yours. Our goal is to make your part precisely for your manufacturing.