Aluminum Parts Manufacturing Under Seamless Quality control

Have quality issues with aluminum parts manufacturing? You can count on our experiences to get improvement and optimization.

Key factors of quality to aluminum parts

01. Dimension

The right dimension will determine how the aluminum extrusion parts perform when assembled. We are equipped with professional gauses and tailored inspection tools to check all dimensions specified in the drawing.

02. Plainness

The planeness of aluminum extrusion is critical to industrial applications, which will determine the precision of the aluminum parts during the machining and the follow-up assembling.   

03. material intensity

The material intensity of aluminum extrusion, including hardness, tensile strength, and yield strength should be within the criteria of different alloys to fulfill the demands of specific applications. 

04. Surface

The surface treatment enhances the physical properties of the aluminum parts to guarantee that they can be applied to different circumstances, even in the marine environment.

quality control process of aluminum parts

We conduct the strict process of quality control to handle each of your orders.

1. creat Extrusion toolings that Fit specification and quality standard

Aluphant is equipped with professional manpower and machines to produce all toolings, which will ensure to perform perfectly under regular maintenance to fit the production plan.

2. Multiple inspection procedures to control quality of aluminum extrusion

We build strict multiple inspection procedures and conduct comprehensive inspections for each piece of the aluminum extrusions that is produced for post-processing. As ISO certified supplier, our capacity and experiences would promise the aluminum profile to be produced within the specifications.

We provide a test report to each batch of aluminum extrusion to confirm the quality.

The mechanical properties of different alloys meet international standards.

Multiple inspections to the specification before warehousing and machining to ensure hassle-free quality.

machining the aluminum extrusion

3. elites in cNC machining ensure aluminum parts of quality to fabrication

With the proficient capability of programming and machining, we customized your parts under regular inspection to promise consistent quality.

Tailored Fixture

We make the bespoke fixtures to fit specific structures and dimensions of the aluminum parts, in which way to ensure the precision of the machining.

custom machining fixture

Machining tool

We only choose machining tools of quality to conduct the milling and drilling.

4. zero tolerance to defects on parts surface

Most of our parts are supplied to manufacturers of industrial applications, thus we are aware of the importance of high criteria.

We take care of the quality under zero tolerance to all kinds of defects that are possibly found on the surface of each aluminum part.

professional Gauges

We inspect all aluminum parts with professional gauges to promise that the coating thickness of anodizing and powder coating is within the specification.

checking thickness of anodizing coating

100% full inspection

The full range of inspections could promise that we won’t hand over any piece of aluminum parts unqualified to your manufacturing.

Never ends of quality improvement since the beginning

When you partner with us to develop the bespoke aluminum parts, we always see the whole picture from the very beginning to keep the consistent quality and seek unlimited improvements and optimization for quality and performance whilst the aluminum parts are under manufacturing.

1. high criteria at the beginning, combined with further optimization

We take close look at your parts design at the beginning and set up high criteria for material and processing. 

Further optimization of quality will never end. We help make the aluminum parts perform better in your applications.

aluminum parts design confirmation

2. runs the quality control management under seamless process

We seamlessly conduct the quality control during extrusion, machining, finishing, and packing. The strict process of quality control helps to enhance production, shorten delivery, and keep every mistake traceable for us to detect quality issues and to avoid delivering with inferior goods.

aluminum extrusion dimension inspection

Improvement and optimization

Quality is important to your manufacturing and we will help enhance it with our experiences and know-how. Find Aluphant as your partner on the supply of aluminum extrusion parts to improve and optimize your manufacturing.