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Get instant quotes on custom aluminum machining parts with our qualified CNC Machining Service.

Top picks of aluminum CNC-machining for you

CNC machining aluminum

aluminum profile machining

Custom aluminum profiles from your parts design, feasible through aluminum extrusion and CNC-machining to fit your end-products. The preferred method for top-quality aluminum parts.

aluminum blocks machining

We evaluate your parts file and machine directly from aluminum blocks, ensuring precision for your industrial applications. We’ll procure the specified alloy blocks for your machining needs.

Vacuum Chuck for Aluminum Plate Machining

aluminum sheets machining

We purchase various aluminum sheets in different alloys to customize your desired parts. Our advanced CNC center can efficiently mill sheets of any size.

Upload your custom aluminum parts file to get a free evaluation on DFM, cost, and lead time.


Why choose our products and services?

1. Flexible MOQ

Enjoy our flexibility of MOQ to support any size of your order, no matter it is 1 PCS, or 1000 PCS.

2. on-time Delivery

24/7 operation of the facility, 3-shift production to ensure that we won’t deliver the aluminum parts late.

3. Quality of high criteria

100 % inspection quality from start to finish, we conduct the strict procedure to hand over aluminum parts of precision.

4. Moderate price

As a manufacturer of aluminum parts, we are determined to offer our customers best quality at reasonable price.

5. expertise

Over-18-years industry experience brings us the complete know-how of aluminum extrusion and CNC machinning to serve any of our client.

6.alloy and finish

We bring extensive alloy grades along with the customized surface treatment to meet any of your requirements.

what is aluminum CNC-machining?

CNC (computer numerical controlled) machining is the manufacturing process to produce customized aluminum parts or components from the aluminum profile, aluminum blocks, or aluminum sheets, under the computer-programming controlled rotating cutting tool. It is the subtractive machining process to remove additional materials from the solid object. With CNC machining, you could get custom aluminum parts from the design of the parts to real aluminum parts.

aluminum machining

our aluminum CNC machining capabilities

Custom aluminum CNC Milling

CNC-milled aluminum parts  prototypes and production parts in days | ISO 9001:2015 | Free quote and evaluation on DFM.

aluminum cnc turning

Custom aluminum CNC Turning

CNC-turned aluminum parts  prototypes and production parts in days | ISO 9001:2015 | Free quote and evaluation on DFM.

our cNC-machining capability to your aluminum parts manufacturing

  • Max Length: 6500 mm
  • Max Width: 4500 mm 
  • Max Height: 500 mm



  • CNC Machining Fixture
  • Tailored Inspection tooling
  • Vacuum chuck
  • Standard is +/- 0.5 mm 
  • Customed type should be reviewed case by case.
  • 3/4/5-Axis CNC machining with side milling
  • Turning
  • Aluminum extrusion (customed)
  • Aluminum sheet or plate
  • Aluminum solid bar
  • Bending aluminum extrusion

Our CNC machining factory: with speed, quality and expertise

Our CNC machining facility ensures premium quality aluminum parts with effective management, professional programming, and control. Get a perfect manufacturing solution for your part design with our 3/4/5-axis CNC machines.

CNC machining aluminum heatsink

Pneumatic Fixture

Tailored Pneumatic fixture to fit the processing of types of aluminum parts.

Aluminum Machining Drilling

Machining Drill

Various types of drills are optional to any specific design of aluminum parts.

Vacuum Chuck for Aluminum Plate Machining

vacuum chuck

Vacuum chuck is available when we are processing the aluminum plates.

CNC machining center

New design prototyping in 3-5 days

With CNC machining, we can make prototypes for your design in 3-5 days instead of months. Our prototyping services can make samples from aluminum profile, aluminum blocks, and aluminum sheet machining.

mass production with speed and quality

Enjoy our strict production management to bring custom aluminum machining parts to your business. We make all production flexible to any of your schedules.

machining the aluminum extrusion
aluminum extrusion quality checking

100% quality Inspection before delivery

Looking for real fulfillment to your ongoing projects? Aluphant is a trusted partner to support you with hassle-free quality, which is promised with 100% inspection before delivery. 

alloy grades to aluminum machining parts

At Aluphant, you can find extensive aluminum alloys to fit your custom specification of aluminum machining parts,with low MOQ requirements and high criteria.

5000 series alloy

While the 5000 series aluminum alloy is with medium-high strength but is corrosion-resistant even it is used in marine applications. It is also weldable. 


Alloy 5000 series could be used in chemical applications, machine components, cameras, and printer accessories.

6000 series alloy

The 6000 series can be widely used in various industries due to its moderate strength, good formability and corrosion resistance.



Aluminum extrusion produced in 6000 series could be used in window and door, decoration, electronics, vehicle and motor parts, etc.

7000 series alloy

The 7000 series is with high strength and hardness, and it is weldable and could automatically be aging in the air after welding.


This series mostly is used in the aerospace application, as well as the vehicle industry, it can also used in those industries that call for parts with high strength.

want to know more specific details?

aluminum CNC machining finishes

Standard as milled

Fastest turnaround for the preferred finish. Our machined parts may have visible tool marks and sharp edges, but we can remove them upon request.

aluminum profile bead blast

Bead Blast

Achieve a smooth, matte surface for your parts. Pair it with anodizing and powder coating for a flawless aluminum appearance.


An ideal finish for aluminum machining parts, creating corrosion and wear-resistant surfaces. Choose from various anodized colors like clear, black, red, and gold.


Passivation is the process of aluminum oxidation, creating a corrosion-resistant surface that delays oxidation.

Powder coating

Powder coating adds protective layers to aluminum parts, enhancing durability and aesthetics. Customizable in all RAL colors.

aluminum parts


Electroplating adds a thin layer of metal to aluminum parts, preventing oxidation (corrosion) and enhancing wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflection, and corrosion resistance.

want to know more specific details?

looking for a manufacturer of aluminum extrusion with CNC machining service? We are .

Aluphant offers manufacturing solutions including the production of aluminum extrusion, CNC machining services – milling, drilling, turning- to support aluminum parts and components development and mass production.

aluminum extrusion

Combination of aluminum extrusion and CNC machining to Make aluminum parts precisely

The combination of CNC machining and aluminum extrusion enables Aluphant to bring perfect results to your part design. Relying on our expertise and experiences in aluminum extrusion production and CNC machining proficiency, you can always get a quick fix for your existing parts design, and full optimization to parts under development.

We give the fulfillment of extrusion press to fit the specification of aluminum parts design.

Find grades of aluminum alloy from us to meet the material criteria of your parts.

Whenever you need surface treatment for your parts, our team will share expertise to help.

Aluminum Extrusion press: Bring your custom-designed parts the best outcome

Choosing the right extrusion press is to promise a stable outcome in extrusion quality: plainness, twist, tolerance, and dimension.

Learn more about our capacity for aluminum extrusion.

aluminum extrusion press

Value-added service with CNC machining

Besides our self-owned CNC machining capability, we could coordinate all reliable resources to get your parts done. We bring clients access to parts processing, including bending and welding.

Bending aluminum profile

Aluminum extrusion bending

All bending aluminum extrusion could be machined at our site and get very tight tolerances for its angle and dimension.

Aluminum Welding

Aluminum extrusion Welding

When welding is required in your design, our team will figure out the most optimized solution to help get it done with perfect results.

Let us make your Aluminum machining part today

When you partner with us, all our technologies and sources are yours. Our goal is to make your part precisely for your manufacturing.

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