custom Aluminum Extrusion

18 years of experience to cover you up. Contact us today for your custom aluminum extrusion needs!

Aluminum Extrusion Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

aluminum profile extrusion

aluminum profile Extrusion

We customize the aluminum profile from your design, extrude it and CNC-machine it to fit your end-products.

aluminum heatsink extrusion

aluminum heatsink extrusion

We specialize in big-size aluminum heatsink extrusion and offer value-added CNC machining for your end-products.

aluminum tubing extrusion

aluminum tubing extrusion

We offer standard and custom aluminum tubing extrusions in various shapes, including round, square, and rectangular.

Customizable Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturing for Feasible Part Design

We specialize in industrial applications of aluminum extrusion and offer production solutions to meet the demands of manufacturing aluminum parts. Our aluminum extrusion capabilities include:

true fulfillment of aluminum extrusion press: Pick from 600-10000 Ton

Need custom aluminum extrusions that meet your exact specifications? With our range of presses, up to 10,000 tons, we can handle any project size – send us your drawings today to get a quote!

aluminum extrusion process
aluminum extrusion die

extrusion die developing

Our experienced technicians use high-quality materials to design and manufacture dies that are durable and precise.

aluminum extrusion process

extrusion capability

We are able to custom the aluminum extrusion from your design ,simple or complex, with our 600-10000T extrusion press.

aluminum extrusion technicians

Manufacturing elites

Our professional team could ensure that all your orders will be finished in quality and on time. You can trust us in any of your orders.

aluminum extrusion expertises to support your manufacturing

We share our expertise and experiences in aluminum extrusion to help since the parts design phase.

aluminum extrusion techncians

analyze feasibility

The Aluphant team analyzes the aluminum extrusion design on manufacturing feasibility inluding : 

Further optimization

We stick to further optimization of aluminum extrusion during the whole manufacturing procedure

aluminum alloy

Never fail to your industrial specification: choose the right aluminum extrusion alloy

Choosing the right aluminum extrusion alloy is critical to your project’s success. Let us help you meet your industrial specifications with our custom extrusion capabilities – contact us now to learn more.

6000 series alloy

The 6000 series can be widely used in various industries due to its moderate strength, good formability and corrosion resistance.



Aluminum extrusion produced in 6000 series could be used in window and door, decoration, electronics, vehicle and motor parts, etc.

7000 series alloy

The 7000 series is with high strength and hardness, and it is weldable and could automatically be aging in the air after welding.


This series mostly is used in the aerospace application, as well as the vehicle industry, it can also used in those industries that call for parts with high strength.

the Benefits of Our Expert Aluminum Extrusion Service

1. extrusion press

Enjoy our 600-10000 ton extrusion press to custom any design of your aluminum profile simple or complicated.

2. on-time Delivery

24/7 operation of the facility, 3-shift production to ensure that we won’t deliver the aluminum profile late.

3. Quality of high criteria

100 % inspection quality from start to finish, we conduct the strict procedure to hand over aluminum extrusion of precision.

4. Moderate price

As a manufacturer of aluminum extrusion, we are determined to offer our customers the best quality at a reasonable price.

5. expertise

Over-15-years industry experience brings us the complete know-how of aluminum extrusion and CNC machinning to serve any of our client.

6.alloy and finish

We bring extensive alloy grades along with the customized surface treatment to meet any of your requirements.

Aluminum extrusion

Upload your custom aluminum extrusion file to get a free evaluation on DFM, cost, and lead time.


aluminum extrusion

Quick Look 

what is aluminum extrusion?

Aluminum extrusion is a material produced by continuously extruding it from a die at a specific length and then heat-treated. It consists of pure aluminum (up to 99%) and other added metals such as iron, silicon, copper, magnesium, manganese, and zinc, to enhance its properties.

Advantage of the material

value-added aluminum extrusion CNC-machining service

aluminum block CNC milling

Custom CNC Milling

CNC-milled aluminum parts  prototypes and production parts in days | ISO 9001:2015 | Free quote and evaluation on DFM.

aluminum cnc turning

Custom CNC Turning

CNC-turned aluminum parts  prototypes and production parts in days | ISO 9001:2015 | Free quote and evaluation on DFM.

CNC machining aluminum

Precision Aluminum Extrusion CNC Machining for Your Industrial Needs

We provide value-added CNC machining solutions to develop and produce high-precision aluminum parts for our clients, drawing on our experience in the aluminum extrusion industry.

Aluminum Extrusion Made Easy: Your FAQs Answered

Yes, we specialize in providing custom aluminum extrusions based on your unique design specifications. Our team of experienced engineers and designers will work closely with you to ensure that the final product meets your exact requirements. With our advanced manufacturing capabilities and state-of-the-art equipment, we can create custom extrusions of virtually any size or shape, and with a wide range of finishes and coatings to choose from. Contact us today to learn more about our custom extrusion services.

At our company, we have a comprehensive quality control system in place to ensure the highest standards for our aluminum extrusions. This includes strict material selection, precision machining, and rigorous testing procedures throughout the production process. We also have a team of experienced quality inspectors who perform visual and measurement inspections to guarantee that each extrusion meets our customers’ exact specifications. Additionally, we regularly invest in new technology and equipment to enhance our quality control capabilities and ensure consistent and reliable performance.

Our typical lead time for production of custom aluminum extrusions is between 15-20 days. However, we understand that sometimes customers may require a faster turnaround time. In such cases, we are able to expedite production and provide a delivery time as fast as 7-10 days. We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs and ensuring timely delivery of their orders.

Typically, we can provide a quote for custom aluminum extrusions within 1-2 days. However, for more complex projects, we may need to analyze the production process in greater detail, which may require additional time. Rest assured, we will work diligently to provide you with a comprehensive quote as quickly as possible.

At our company, we take intellectual property and protection of confidential information very seriously. We are willing to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with our clients to ensure that their product designs remain strictly confidential. Additionally, any proprietary tooling that we produce is used exclusively for the designated product and is not shared or reproduced. You can trust us to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and safeguard your intellectual property.

top-notch aluminum extrusion manufacturers in China

As one of the premier aluminum extrusion manufacturers in China, we are committed to providing top-quality products and exceptional customer service. Contact us now for a quote and to learn more.

aluminum extrusion line

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