Aluminum Extrusion

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aluminum extrusion

Quick Look 

what is aluminum extrusion

The aluminum extrusion is the material that extruded from the extrusion die continuously at a certain length, formed after heat treatment. Its composition or the aluminum alloy contains pure aluminum( 99% max), as well as some other metals including iron, silicon, copper, magnesium, manganese, and zinc, all of which are added to enhance its properties.

Advantage of the material

Proficient manufacturer of aluminum extrusion : make your part design feasible and customizable

the Aluphant team focuses on the industrial application of aluminum extrusion and handle production solutions to fulfill the demands of developing aluminum parts for the manufacturing business. Our capacity in aluminum extrusion includes:

take a glance at our equipment and elites

Aluphant manufactures, inspects, packs, and ships aluminum extrusion parts under effective production management.

aluminum extrusion
aluminum extrusion press

Extrusion Machine

Equipped with 600-5500 T extrusion press to meet demands from different industries.

Mould developing workshop

Tooling Workshop

All aluminum extrusion dies are made by precision machining to promise their performance.

operating the aluminum extrusion machine

Proficient Workers

Our trained workers are professional to handle the whole procedure of production.

expertises and experiences to support your manufacturing

We share our expertise and experiences in aluminum extrusion to help since the parts design phase.

analyze feasibility

The Aluphant team analyzes the aluminum parts design on manufacturing feasibility inluding : 

Evaluating the design of aluminum part design

Further optimization

We stick to further optimization of aluminum parts during the whole manufacturing procedure

aluminum extrusion line

Part design guidance: Balance of feasibility and functionality

When you have a new aluminum part under design, it is important to keep the balance of its feasibility and functionality. Read full articles here to get quick hints for your design.

manufacturing process of aluminum extrusion

Tooling nitriding and loading

Nitridation is to cool down the extrusion die in order to enhance its wear resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance. After that, the tooling gets loaded on the extrusion machine.

Extrusion of parts material

Extrusion is the most important step that to produce the material for your parts’ manufacturing. From the billets to the profile, we inspect the quality regularly during the whole procedure. 

aluminum extrusion

Aging of aluminum profile

The aging process is to enhance the strength and hardness of the extruded profile.  After it, the aluminum extrusion will get ready for post-processing including machining, and finishing.

feasible customization of aluminum extrusion

Send the part file and get a quick quote on toolings and parts costs. We handle everything from design evaluation to manufacturing to seamlessly match up with your project schedule.

Options of alloy and finish

grades of alloy

Most of our clients would require to use the 6000 series alloy for aluminum parts manufacturing, including 6061,6063,6082,6005,6060,6463, etc. But we have adopted over 20 alloy grades to meet different demands. 

aluminum alloy

Surface treatment

We provide various finish to your aluminum parts, including anodizing, powder coating, sandblasting, polishing, brushing. Just find out more about the solutions of surface treatment if you have any questions about it.

CNC machining aluminum

discover our CNC machining capability: high Precision, complete fullfilment.

The technology of CNC machining enables us to bring value-added manufacturing solutions to develop and produce aluminum parts for our clients. Based on its experiences in the aluminum extrusion industry, Aluphant could stay focused on the industrial application and give access to high-precision manufacturing with aluminum material.

right aluminum extrusion to your specification.

Aluphant stays close to your manufacturing business and aspire to provide all our expertise and experiences in aluminum extrusion to help. Contact us today to get professional solutions for your parts design.