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What is aluminum alloy

The aluminum alloy is the combination of pure aluminum and other metal composition, mostly including iron, silicon, copper, magnesium, manganese, and zinc, all of which are added to enhance the property of pure aluminum. The aluminum alloy could be formed into plate, sheet, and extrusion for different purposes of application. The aluminum alloy varies from 1000 series to 7000 series.

1000 series alloy

The 1000 series aluminum alloy is with over 99%  purity of aluminum, characterized by high thermal and electrical conductivity, low mechanical properties, and excellent weldability

1000 series alloy could be produced to aluminum wire, bar, pipes, and extrusion for the chemical equipment, heat exchanger, as well as the conductive material.

2000 series alloy

Copper is the principle  element in the 2000 series aluminum alloy, which could give it strength, hardness, and machinability. At the same time, this alloy is heat treatable.


Widely used as the material of machined accessories in the industry of vehicle strutures, eletrical weighing machine, as well as the defense.

3000 series alloy

The 3000 series aluminum alloy is very soft so it is with very good formability. It is also characterized by its high corrosion resistance and weldability.

3000 series alloy could be used in storage equipment of chemical and food, home applications, pipes for liquid transportation.

5000 series alloy

While the 5000 series aluminum alloy is with medium-high strength but is corrosion-resistant even it is used in marine applications. It is also weldable. 


Alloy 5000 series could be used in chemical applications, machine components, cameras, and printer accessories.

6000 series alloy

The 6000 series can be widely used in various industries due to its moderate strength, good formability and corrosion resistance.



Aluminum extrusion produced in 6000 series could be used in window and door, decoration, electronics, vehicle and motor parts, etc.

7000 series alloy

The 7000 series is with high strength and hardness, and it is weldable and could automatically be aging in the air after welding.


This series mostly is used in the aerospace application, as well as the vehicle industry, it can also used in those industries that call for parts with high strength.

Optional grades of aluminum alloy to fit your application

We take pride in offering you a wide variety of grades and alloys for different applications. Choose from our selection of grades and find the perfect type for your property. With our expertise in the highly complex science of metal alloys, we can make sure you get what you need for a successful project.

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