aluminum heatsink machining

Extruded aluminum heatsink machining in any sizes

seeking aluminum heatsink factory- Go no further

aluminum heatsink extrusion

Access to 600-10000 ton extrusion press to your custom aluminum heatsink, large or small, we got you covered with real fulfillment.

aluminum machining parts

aluminum heatsink machining

access to 3 and 5 axis CNC machines to process your aluminum heatsink with unparalelle precision to your end-use assembly.

aluminum extrusion machining

Aluminum Heatsink Done Right- Your Benefits Start Here

1. on-time Delivery

Open to your Blanket Contract to ensure that we won’t deliver the aluminum heatsink late.

2. Quality of high criteria

From start to finish, we conduct the ISO2768 Standard for aluminum heatsink of precision.

3. Moderate price

Aluminum heatsink of top-notch quality at resonable price, without any hidden cost.

4. expertise

With complete know-how of aluminum extrusion and CNC machinning to serve any of our client.

Material Available For Aluminum Heatsink

Made by direct machining

Ideal for manufacturing the aluminum heatsink to your project at any size, without in-advance tooling investment: 

  • AL 6063-T5 / T6
  • AL 6060-T5/T6
  • Al 6061-T6
  • AL 6082-T6
  • Al 5754
  • AL 5052
aluminum extrusion machining

Made by Aluminum extruding

Ideal for manufacturing the high-volume or bigger aluminum heatsink with tooling investment: 

  • AL 6063-T5 / T6
  • AL 6060-T5/T6
  • Al 6061-T6
  • AL 6082-T6

want the best heatsink? try the right extrusion press now!

Choosing the right extrusion press promises a stable outcome in extrusion quality: plainness, twist, tolerance, and dimension.

If you are confronting the quality issues for extrusion of the aluminum heatsink, or want to ensure that your latest designs succeed in a one-time shot, go no further!

aluminum extrusion press
aluminum machining parts

CNC machining service for your aluminum heatsink needs.

Aluphant offers professional CNC machining service to any custom aluminum heatsink, including milling, drilling, and chamfering.

We specialize in machining large and complicated-designed aluminum extrusion heatsinks.

Custom finish to your aluminum heatsink projects: with quality and speed

We can provide top-notch solutions for surface treatment to meet your demands on durability and corrosion resistance.

Looking for an expert to custom your Extruded aluminum heatsink ?

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