premium surface treatment to aluminum parts

Aluphant provides various surface treatment that’s tough, durable, and works well with all types of environments.

Finish of aluminum extrusion: make your part strong and sustainable

Enhance your aluminum extrusions with surface treatment to prevent corrosion and surface wear. Our process ensures durability, high performance, and extended service life, even in harsh environments. Experience stronger and sustainable aluminum parts with our expert surface treatment.


Anodizing is an extensively used finish for aluminum extrusion parts, providing decorative coloration while enhancing wear and corrosion resistance. Contact us to explore our turnkey solutions for your part manufacturing needs.

aluminum anodizing line

01. Anodizing color

Anodize your aluminum parts in single or dual colors. Choose from various colors like silver, bronze, grey, blue, red, and purple, each tailored at different costs.

02.Anidizing thickness

Anodize your aluminum parts with various coating thicknesses, up to 70 microns max. Hard anodizing is a growing trend in today’s industry.

03.Anodizing benefits

Anodizing increases the aluminum part’s resistance to corrosion, rust, and abrasion, making it suitable for use even in ocean environments.

04.Anodizing lifespan

Anodizing includes a sealing process to cover pores and prevent fading. A properly dyed and sealed component will maintain its color outdoors for at least 5 years.

Powder/PVDF coating

Powder coating or PVDF coating is a protective technology that enhances the durability and aesthetics of parts. Contact us to explore our turnkey solutions for your part manufacturing needs.

01. Coating Color

Customize your aluminum extrusion parts with any RAL color of your choice. We also offer sand/matt/bright effect options for specific applications.

02. Coating Thickness

The typical thickness of powder coating or PVDF coating for aluminum extrusion is 40-120 um. We conduct random inspections during production to ensure each part meets the standard.

03.Coating Benefits

Our coating finish provides excellent coloration for your parts in various projects. The protective layer enhances the material’s lifespan.

04. Coating Lifespan

Powder-coated aluminum parts withstand outdoor conditions for 5 years without fading, while PVDF coating offers up to 15 years of fading resistance.

Turnkey solution to aluminum part finish

In addition to anodizing and powder/PVDF coating, we offer various finishes for aluminum extrusion parts, including sandblasting, polishing, brushing, and mill finish. Count on our industry expertise and resources for effective turnkey solutions in parts manufacturing.

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