premium surface treatment to aluminum parts

Aluphant provides various surface treatment that’s tough, durable, and works well with all types of environments.

Finish of aluminum extrusion: make your part strong and sustainable

Aluminum extrusions are vulnerable to corrosion and surface wear, which leads to lower strength, reduced durability, and ultimate failure. With surface treatment of aluminum extrusions, you can make sure that your aluminum part will be strong and sustainable for years.

The advantage of surface treatment of aluminum extrusions is the ability to extend service life, maintain high performance levels, and improve product quality. 

Our aluminum surface treatment makes your part stronger and sustainable. It is  designed to complement your aluminum material and ensure durability even in harsh environments.


One of the commonly used finish for aluminum extrusion part. It can color the body of the material to enhance its ornaments, at the same time improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance. Contact us to see how we bring the turnkey solution to your part manufacturing.

aluminum anodizing line

01. Anodizing color

An aluminum part could be anodized in single color or dual color. You could easily get your parts anodized with various colors including silver, bronze, grey, blue, red, purple, all of which could be tailored at different costs. 

02.Anidizing thickness

The Aluminum parts could be anodized with different thicknesses of the anodizing coating. Here we could provide a solution for the anodizing thickness at 70 microns max. In today’s industry, hard anodizing would be more and more popular.

03.Anodizing benefits

With anodizing, the aluminum part could be increasing its resistance to corrosion, rust, abrasion, even when is applied in the ocean environment. 

04.Anodizing lifespan

During the coloration of anodizing, the sealer is effectively applied to cover the pores and prevent fading. A properly dyed and sealed component will not fade under outdoor conditions for a minimum of 5 years.

Powder/PVDF coating

The powder coating or PVDF coating is the coating technology that adds protective layers to the surface of the part in order to improve its durability and ornament. Contact us to see how we bring the turnkey solution to your part manufacturing.

01. Coating Color

Anyone color listed in the RAL code could be tailored for your aluminum extrusion parts. In addition, the colors can be shown as sand/matt/bright effect for specific applications.

02. Coating Thickness

The general thickness of the powder coating or PVDFcoating to aluminum extrusion is 40-120 um. The random inspection of thickness will be undertaking during the production to make sure that each one of your parts will be within the standard.

03.Coating Benefits

The coating finish would bring a very good coloration solution to your parts applied to the projects you are working on. The protective layer of coating would strengthen the lifespan of the material.

04. Coating Lifespan

The powder-coated aluminum parts would not get faded in outdoor conditions for 5 years, while the PVDF coating could reach a lifespan of fading as long as 15 years.

Turnkey solution to aluminum part finish

Besides the anodizing and powder/PVDF coating, there are still choices of finishes to the aluminum extrusion parts, which include sandblasting, polishing, brushing, as well as mill finish. You can count on our resources and experiences in the industry to get effective turnkey solutions for your parts manufacturing.