The properties of aluminum material that you can take advantage of

Aluminum is one of the most common metals in the world and it has many uses for a variety of industrial applications. The versatility of aluminum metal makes it a popular choice in industrial applications. It is used in a wide range of products including furniture, building materials, and car parts.

Aluminum has been used as a material for making parts and extrusion since the early 1900s. The variety of properties that aluminum possesses makes it a popular metal in the industrial application. Let’s take a close look at what properties the aluminum metal has.

low density

The most important property that makes aluminum very different from other metals is its low density of 2.7g/cm3, whereas steel has an average density of 7.85 g/cm3 or heavier. So, it is easy to see why aluminum became so popular among manufacturers, as the custom aluminum parts could be lighter, which could help save the cost of the materials.

The aluminum material has many applications in various fields, such as transportation and power supply equipment. If we compare the industrial usage of aluminum to that of steel, we will find that aluminum is more attractive in cost, recyclability, and durability.

heat conductivity

Aluminum is one of the best heat conductors, with a recognized heat conductivity three times better than irons and other metals. So aluminum is a more efficient material when it comes to heat transfer.

Aluminum heatsinks are widely used in industrial applications because of the material’s excellent thermal conductivity. It allows heat to travel easily from the components to the outside world. They are also straightforward to manufacture and very robust, which is why they are applied in many fields of technology. One of the examples is the aluminum heatsink, which could be made from casted aluminum or extruded aluminum.

aluminum heatsink


Ductility is a material’s ability to deform under tensile stress and then return to its original shape, without breaking. Due to its ductility, aluminum can be drawn into thin wires to make it as thin as 0.003 in., about the thickness of the paper.

This also makes aluminum very attractive for manufacturing use in packaging, where lightness and ductility is required.


Aluminum is a highly durable metal that is resistant to corrosion. The most common application of these aluminum alloys is in the architectural and construction industry. Aluminum alloys are often used in different environments when treated with a surface treatment.

In recent years, aluminum alloy materials, especially aluminum extrusion, have been applied more widely in various fields of industry. For example, its resistance to corrosion makes it suitable for many other environments, such as marine applications, aerospace applications, and transportation.

aluminum vessle in marine

low temperature resistant

Aluminum characterizes by low-temperature brittleness, not easy to change with the decrease of temperatures, whether pure or alloyed. So aluminum is a kind of excellent structural material used in low-temperature environments. 

You can frequently see customized aluminum parts used in the Cryogenic fuel (liquid hydrogen and oxygen) storage tanks for rockets, liquefied natural gas (LNG) transport ships and shore-based storage tanks, cryogenic chemical products containers, cold storage, and refrigerated truck.

aluminum parts used in train

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